Hi, I’m Diana.

Portrait of myself

Welcome to my online space. (You can also find me on Medium.)

My formula is: Read. Write. Share.

This website is a canvas for my intellectual musings. I read to help me make sense of the world, I write to clarify my own ideas, and I share what I discover to contribute to the conversation and connect with other inquisitive minds.

Portrait of myself

I’m a writer, life-long learner, book-nerd and ailurophile (look it up).

Here you’ll find my ideas and observations at the intersection of thinking better, cultivating a meaningful life, trends and culture. Ultimately, I’m interested in how we think about and understand the world. I love exploring complex topics and going down the rabbit hole of ideas. A frequent question that’s on my mind is “how can we get better at being human?”

Some ideas will be more fleshed out than others. Not everything is going to be picture-perfect. I like to think about this site as a space where I think and create in public. It’s also possible I’ll change my mind on some matters.

I’m driven by the desire to navigate this world purposefully while staying true to myself. (Which is why you won’t find intrusive ads or cookies here. Enjoy the calm.)

When I’m not writing, you can find me cooking, reading or moving.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me at hello@dianadem.co.

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