7 Concepts to Grasp the Fullness of Life

life concepts

Everyone should have their toolbox of concepts to pull from. When you’re anxious, worried, lost or overwhelmed, it helps to be able to draw from a repertoire or ideas and ways of relating to life, so that we get a…

Google UX Design Certificate: My Honest Review


Learning new things and diving deep into subjects that light up my brain are high on my list of favorite things to do. Because I’ve always been interested in design and digital products, it was a no-brainer to take a…

Steal These 6 Sport Concepts to Be a World-Class Performer

Sport concepts

When I think of performance, I usually envision a world-class athlete. Laser-sharp focus, iron-clad determination and mad skills. The world of sports is incredible to draw from to gain an unfair advantage in your career or personal projects. Sports science…

Leisure: What Should You Do With Your Free Time?

Leisure: life after work

Not many of us pay any attention to how we structure our leisure. Even the association of the words “leisure” and “structure” seems odd. We like to treat our downtime as a pool of vast opportunities, where anything can happen…

Why a Balanced Life Can Be Deceptive

Balance is tricky. It’s appealing. Who wouldn’t want to have a balanced life? The promise of a perfect life where you get a taste of everything has a certain charm to it. It appeals to our human nature. We like…

30 Big Ideas That Changed My Life

30 ideas that changed my life

These are 30 ideas that changed my life. 1. You are going to die. There is no dress rehearsal for life. This is it. How you live your days is how you live your life. 2. Free will. We see…

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