Diana Demco

Diana Demco

Why a Balanced Life Can Be Deceptive

Balance is tricky. It’s appealing. Who wouldn’t want to have a balanced life? The promise of a perfect life where you get a taste of everything has a certain charm to it. It appeals to our human nature. We like…

Nobody Is Stealing Your Attention


You’re not at the mercy of the Silicon Valley’s evil gods. Don’t get me wrong. There is plenty of warranted criticism that can be directed towards tech companies due to: Their problematic business model The methods employed to capture our…

Meditation Is Not Optional

3 white statues of Buddha

Meditation is not a “get woke quick” scheme. This practice is necessary for everyone trying to understand themselves. We’re often oblivious to the behaviors of our own mind. Lost in the (sometimes manufactured) busyness of everyday life, we’re prisoners to…